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1.Roller: Adopt the latest German technology one-piece packaging, whole life cycle, no need adding grease and no need replace the bearing.
2.Bearing for main shaft: using the gearbox oil to do lubricating, lubricated the bearing, and also cooling the main shaft.
Strengthen the drive system
1.Gearbox: Adopt parallel shaft hard-toothed surface triple helical gear deceleration, gear widened, the modulus increase, transmission intensity for 3 to 5 times of conventional speed reducer.
2.Power input: Using high-speed motor and gear shaft axis parallel gear transmission, gear shaft rotation with two support , smooth transmission, momentum and energy saving.
3.Power output: Using shaft to transmission and driven, abandoned the limited form of connection, strength increase 2-3 times.
4.Reinforced and shortened main shaft, increase stiffness, can reduce the wear of die and roller.
Reduce the cost
1.For 5-6T/h production line, one year can saving grease cost 90thousands to 110 thousands RMB, saving bearing cost about 40 thousands RMB.
2.One year can save the cost about 10 thousands RMB for replace the vulnerable parts of the gearbox.
3.Humanized structure, equipment more shorter, more compact, reduce the height of the auxiliary equipment, save space.
4.Discharging point can rotate 360 degrees, more flexible when installation, operating easily.wood pellet machine,wood pellet press machine,